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Depositing dividends to shareholders

For the information of all the respected shareholders of Aria Mirsand Pharmaceutical Company, the second stage of dividend payment for the year 2015 was 150 rials per share on 08/22/1996 to the declared current account.

The visit of Purapakhsh Pharmaceutical Distribution Company to Arya Pharmaceutical Company

The visit ceremony of Arya Pharmaceutical Company was held by salesmen, supervisors and branch managers of Pourapakhsh Distribution Company on Thursday, 12/03/96. The ceremony started with the recitation of some verses from the words of God, the national anthem and a teaser show about the history of Arya pharmaceutical company and the company’s goals and […]

CEO’s message on the occasion of 1397

or Moqalb al-Qulob and al-Absar or Madbaralil and Nahar or the transferor of the state of affairs from the present to the best of the present In advance, I would like to congratulate and congratulate the arrival of the new year and the refreshing spring, which is a sign of the eternal power of God […]