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CEO’s message on the occasion of 1397


CEO’s message on the occasion of 1397

or Moqalb al-Qulob and al-Absar or Madbaralil and Nahar

or the transferor of the state of affairs from the present to the best of the present

In advance, I would like to congratulate and congratulate the arrival of the new year and the refreshing spring, which is a sign of the eternal power of God and the revival of nature. It is hoped that the year will be full of health, blessings and success for all Iranian people.

We have drawn a vision for Aria Pharmaceutical Company, in which the short-term and long-term goals of the group are defined. Our mission is the realization of these goals, which will not be possible except with the divine will and committed efforts of each and every one of you dear ones.

Therefore, in order to achieve these goals even more, we need to always set the following as a model for our way:

Loyalty and belonging to the company
Compliance with work discipline along with useful and effective attendance
Creating productive relationships between managers and human resources
Doing things as a team and group
In the end, it is hoped that in the new year, in the light of God’s infinite grace, the effort to achieve the vision, development and progress of the company will continue.


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